We were so impressed by Mrs. Frank Lee's The Making of Major that we quickly found another of her novels to ePublish.  (And there is another one yet, a shorter one, we expect to ePublish... well, shortly.)  Originally published in 1909, A Boy and a Box is a story about a young orphan boy who succeeds by strength of character.  Homeless and forced to live in a box behind a warehouse, in the end he is triumphant and happily united with his mother's family, helping them save their home and business to boot.  The style and moral messages of this novel will remind you of Horatio Alger or George Alfred Henty, both contemporaries of Mrs. Frank Lee... and we are not afraid to suggest that her writing is better than either of her male counterparts.  Whether you are an adult or young adult, this is a book you will enjoy reading and, when done, in spite of the tear in your eye, feel better for having read.